artistic, traditional and typical handicraft in olive wood and in olive root wood

EN  Olivewood and Olive root wood from Italy, handmade to craftsmen in Switzerland and in Italy.

We work only with massive olive wood of first quality from Calabria, Puglia and Sicily. We protect the healthy olive trees, the are over thousands years old, because we process only the branches. We need the roots only from the died olive trees. Our olive wood has been air-dried in south Italy from my family for about 6 - 10 years, before it can be processed by artisans in Italy and by us in Switzerland. Our olive wood is a very solid kind of wood with small pores. Also it is pure natural wood treated only with olive-oil. It doesn’t absorb liquids, bad odours or colours. For this reason it is a lot adapted in kitchen, because the bacteria cannot penetrate into the wood. The wood grain is always different and each piece is unique. You can wash all articles with a mild detersive. Also you should treat all items regularly with olive-oil, to prevent them from drying out.

In our Online Shop you find more than 500 products of olive wood for the daily use; kitchen accessories, gift articles, table sets, sculptures, plays, toys, vases, wine accessories, sewing articles, office products, decorations for the livingroom, frames, jewels and much more...All beautiful unique pieces!

Our olive wood products are suitable for persons with allergy problems! Please you take information from your doctor!

Inquire...We make also articles of olive wood according to your desire. It is sufficient, if you send us e-mail with photo or design and measure data of its desire object on and you received a cost estimate!!!

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